Idaho State University - MATH 1108, Hawkes Learning - Exam Scheduler
All exams and quizzes are given in the Algebra Testing Center, Room 324, Rendezvous.

You can schedule, reschedule, or unschedule a quiz or exam up to minutes before the beginning of a testing session. You are responsible for showing up at the time you have scheduled. If you do not, you will receive a zero.

To schedule or reschedule, click on the radio button beside the quiz or exam, choose the desired week from the pull-down list, and click "Schedule." To unschedule, click on the radio button and click "Unschedule." Individual radio buttons will not be appear if the current date is past the deadline for the exam or past a previously scheduled time. You may schedule your final exam for any available session EXCEPT during closed week.

When you go to the Testing Center to take an exam you will be required to confirm your identity with your Bengal Card.

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